M-NIHL Calculator

Our Military Noise Induced Hearing Loss (M-NIHL) calculator contains many sophisticated features, allowing the user to enter audiogram readings and produce accurate court ready documents instantly.

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Check Mark Accurate Results

The NIHL diagnosis and quantification process used within the M-NIHL Calculator is based on Moore and uses ISO 7029 2017. CLB and LCB are not suitable for diagnosis of military NIHL. Additional Binaural and Pure Tone Average calculations are also provided.

Check Mark Court Ready Documents

A PDF export of your calculations will always include, for both the ears, your original data along with graphs to represent either the median or selected Percentile HTL values, as well as the M-NIHL analysis and the relevant calculations.

Check Mark Safe & Secure

Robust security practices within our software ensure your data is 100% safe and always available to you. Data is only stored on secured servers and your own data is only accessible by your single user account.

Check Mark Choice of AAHL Percentile Comparison

There is a M-NIHL analysis of each ear showing a comparison of the client’s HTLs against both the median Age-associated HTL (AAHL) and also a user selected Percentile (AAHL) values where appropriate.

Check Mark Unlimited Variations

For each of your clients you can set different audiogram dates & HTLs, and also correct for:
• TDH39 Headphone usage
• Bekesy Correction
• Choice of AAHL Percentile value for each ear

Check Mark Time Saving

Save hours of precious work time by using our software to perform all necessary calculations, leaving much more time to use your professional skills, whether legal or medical, to analyse and interpret the results.

Our users can perform an unlimited amount of calculations on a per client basis.

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